Incorporating advanced technology into our practice has become an important part of Hartnett Dental Care in Hamburg, NY.  Using technology, we are able to offer our patients a great level of care.

Our advanced technology systems allow us to provide more precise diagnosis and treatment options to patients dealing with oral health issues.

Our Advanced Technology Includes:


Our CAD/CAM Technology allows us to create and place customized, permanent crowns in a single appointment. This means that you can skip having a temporary crown and enjoy the benefits of a naturally-colored crown in one appointment.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers (an acronym for “light amplification by the stimulation emission of radiation“) deliver energy and heat in the form of light, and their uses in dentistry range from cleaning to removing tooth decay. A dental laser can also cut or eliminate tissue, such as gum tissue, when focused upon it. This works because infrared light is easily absorbed by water, and gum tissue consists largely of water.
We use lasers to remove tooth decay and prepare the surrounding enamel for fillings.
When it comes to gum disease, lasers are used to reshape gums and remove bacteria.
Lasers can be used to remove a small piece of tissue (called a biopsy) so that it can be examined for cancer. Lasers are also used to remove lesions in the mouth and relieve the pain of canker sores.
Compared to the traditional dental drill, lasers:
• May cause less pain in some instances, so reduces the need for anesthesia
• May reduce anxiety in patients uncomfortable with the use of the dental drill
• Minimize bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments
• May preserve more healthy tooth during cavity removal

3D Imaging

CT/Cone Beam technology -At Hartnett Dental Care, we believe that in order to provide incredible care- we have to have incredible technology to diagnose with. We use this state of the art technology to assist us in treatment planning for implants, 3rd molar extractions, gum disease, and to diagnose infections.

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography has benefits for both the patient and the clinician. The most important benefit is the reduction of radiation the patient receives. Digital radiographs deliver much less radiation to the patient than conventional dental radiographs. Immediate viewing of digital radiographs allows Hartnett Dental Care to quickly review your specific case without wasting time processing traditional films. Using this technology we are able to provide a higher level of patient care.

IntraOral Cameras

Intraoral cameras and chair-side monitors let you see what’s going on in your mouth. We can shine a small camera into your mouth and display the images on a conveniently located monitor. The dentists and hygienists can use these tools to illustrate areas that may require treatment. We find that this helps our patients better understand their care options, as well as our reasons for concern. This is a key technology to help us practice our ultra-conservative approach. We are able to narrow down, and get an up close look at the specific areas of your teeth that need repair.


Loupes is used to scrutinize a patients’ oral cavity to make a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Loupes are also used to help the Dentists perform on a more precise level when working.