John Rybarczyk’s letter to Hartnett Dental Care.

“I really need a makeover. I served with pride and gave 110%. I battled with severe ptsd for quite a while. I felt betrayed by V.A. and spiraled downward. I have gotten back to myself except for my smile, I am embarrassed to smile in public and everyone thinks I am mad because they don’t see me smile. I believe missing my teeth is affecting my speech also, partially because I am missing teeth and partially because I don’t open my mouth fully. I believe that is also keeping me from getting a great job which I really need. If you could help me you would be helping in an immense way, I would forever be indebted to you. Thank you so much for your time.

About John

John served in the Army for 3 years. During his visit he was asked about a nice memory from his service in the Gulf. One of his favorite memories was “visiting with some local families. A lot them really do live in tents. Didn’t really speak much Arabic, but people always find a way to communicate. That was some of my fondest moments, giving them a little time and some American goodies. Visiting with other coalition members, trading items with members from the French Foreign Legion. I was in charge of the battery shop that provided vehicle batteries for 101 st Airborne Division. Upon arrival in theatre, the batteries weren’t holding up well, I had to reformulate the electrolyte to compensate for the higher temperatures in the desert and mix the acid/water to achieve a properly functioning battery.”

Before Photo

John didn’t like to smile, a rare photo. Pre-op.

After Photos

John Before

John After

Wow-is this even the same guy? What a transformation! So happy to give back to those who were willing to lay their lives on the line for us.